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A Caring Hand Is Near

As people age the desire to remain in their own homes close to family, friends, and familiar surroundings deepens.

Our services

The stress of daily caregiving by the family is eliminated knowing that a dedicated caregiver is a part of the family and care is provided for convenience, and the clients' independence and privacy is restored and protected.

Live-in Care

A 24hr care service at home provided by a primary caregiver for clients that need companionship and non-medical care services with daily needs. The primary caregiver can have a flexible schedule customized by the family of the client. The relief caregiver will be provided when the primary caregiver needs a break from the daily duties.

Hourly Care

Our Caregiver can visit on a daily basis on a set schedule. A minimum of 4 days to a maximum of 7 days per week. The hours set by a schedule. A minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 12 hours per day. A free need assessment visit can be scheduled to set this service up as quickly as possible.

Alzheimer’s Care

Statistic's tells us that over 4.5 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Knowing these facts put us in a position of providing a specialized non-medical home care schedule for those living with Alzheimer’s disease. This is one of the most positive ways we can assist. Most clients experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer's disease particularly those in the early and middle stages of the illness can be cared for at home instead of at nursing homes or other facilities.

Dementia Care

Seniors living with dementia and cognitive change require specialized care over time. Advanced Elderly Services's approach to dementia and cognitive support is grounded in the idea that all of our clients, regardless of the severity or progression of their cognitive change, will have the abilities to interact and connect with their surroundings. Our caregivers are specialized in dementia care.

Our Line Of Work

We provide the right care to our clients, and it all starts with a free need assessment visit. Our at home care services fall's into several categories of in-home care for our elderly clients. We specialize in senior care at home to people living with cognitive change.

Alzheimer's Care

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Dementia Care

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24hr. Live-in Care

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