A little about us and how we came to be a caregiver agency providing senior care options

We believe in the power of assistance. We provide amazing experiences for our clients

We have everything to make your home care plan a success

Advanced Elderly Services is a leader in the in-home senior care industry. Our trained caregivers provide a quality service to our senior clients and disabled adults who need some relief and assistance to maintain their independence at home.

Our agency operates independently owned and soon to open additional operated senior in-home care offices nationally. In that time, we will not be just any other franchise agency trying to do business in the senior in-home care service industry. Because of this, the safety and well being of our clients comes first and this should be a standard across the scale for everyone.

Our Story

We have built a service to assist the elderly in managing their independence and integrity in their own homes

To ensure a better quality of life for our elderly clients and their families by providing dependable and affordable in-home elder care. We are a trusted and respected service agency that focuses on the care of our clients, which we take a responsible role in supporting our elderly clients, their families, our staff, employees, general contractors and our community.

Peace of Mind for the Family
Independent Living in the Home
Quality of Life for the Client
Dependability of Service
Continuity of Caregivers

Is to be your community’s leading senior in-home care agency. Setting a very focused standard of core values in care and customer service for our clients.

We bring you an effective in-home senior care solution

Our caregivers are available to provide your loved one round the clock coverage 24/7, as long as they can rest for eight hours per night and receive appropriate break schedules. Live-in elder care services at home can be provided for a minimum of three consecutive days, up to seven days per week securely.

We provide In-home care at a quality premium

Our caregivers provide services such as companionship, meal preparation and planning, light housekeeping, laundry, medication supervision and reminding, and other general in-home care services.

Our caregivers can also sit with and monitor your loved one during their facility visit or hospital stay. The caregiver can then return home with the client after discharge to provide a smooth transition of assistance at home.

Our professional and experienced caregivers provide basic companion care plus assistance with the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and ambulation care assistance.

These services are initially assessed and regularly monitored by an on-site care coordinator, or registered nurse from our office.

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Our Service Team

Our team of office professionals and caregiver staff makes the transition of care for your loved one seamless. We love what we do and we do it with exceptional pride knowing we have made a difference in the lives of many that need our service.

We are affiliated with 25 of the region’s leading organizations and associations having first hand knowledge on dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

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