Our Story

Advanced Elderly Services founder was the late Ms. Norma V. Lawrence. (April 16, 1945 - December 08, 2006)

For many years, Ms. Lawrence worked in healthcare services as a nurses aid. While in the nursing home rehabilitation environment, she watched many of her rehab patients – especially seniors – leave the facility and return home, but not necessarily return to health. Once home, a lot of her former patients were unable to care for themselves at home.

Ms. Lawrence knew that with a little help, most of these people could lead healthy, happy lives in their own homes. But she also knew that there were very few agencies that offered this kind of help. Ms. Norma didn't just jump in and start a senior care agency, however.

First, she talked to dozens of families to understand the different kinds of challenges they faced and what kind of care could help cope with their issues. Then she became a certified nursing assistant so she could experience the needs of people who were still living in their home but who needed some professional assistance.

Unfortunately, we lost Ms. Lawrence to a diabetic coma on December 8, 2006 in Philadelphia county. Her vision was not lost as her son took on the mission and resurrected her vision by creating an agency to assist the elderly and their family caregivers with professional home care services by some of the best caregivers in the region.  

In 1999, her son Shawn started Advanced Elderly Services, in Delaware County Pa. Five years later. Shawn took the advise of his mother Ms. Norma V. Lawrence and started branching into other regions of the county by carefully selecting caregivers who shared his passion of caring for those in their community.

Advanced Elderly Services has an office of 10-15 core staff professionals and a caregiver force of 175 CNA’s, Home Makers and Home Health Aids that are registered and on-call to serve more than 200+ clients across Philadelphia County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, The Main Line and surrounding areas of the Tri-State.

In 1999, Shawn Lazarus saw a need for the agency to assist the elderly with custodial care needs in their homes such as non-medical care services like bathing, dressing, errand running, housekeeping and meal preparation. Shawn worked in the home health care industry, where nurses went to the homes and administered skilled services such as rehabilitation management, health monitoring, medication delivery or other medical care services, then went on to see another patient.

That same year, Shawn founded the first professional senior care agency in Delaware County, Pa. to meet custodial care needs in the region.
With Advanced Elderly Services, people could have a resource to call on 24 hours a day, with assistance just a phone call away. Clients had the assurance that caregivers were screened thoroughly, and that they had an agency that would ensure the quality of their care plan. The other great benefit was the cost.

Advanced Elderly Services allowed substantial flexibility over the days and hours when the caregivers are present, allowing the client to maintain their independence at a fraction of the cost of assisted living facilities and nursing homes. The client's control over days and hours are a must to ensure flexibility in the care schedule.

With our success come growth. In the coming months, Shawn will expand the business to North and South New Jersey and also New York City.
We will expand our services to New York City to serve the Manhattan area and open an additional office in the region - which then will became our corporate headquarters.

We will establish a franchising program, which will allow for rapid expansion into new cities and allow more seniors to receive the benefits of the Advanced Elderly Service methodology. Though our agency is growing, we are staying the course on what has made us a success, putting our clients first and providing quality caregivers are standard.

Call your local Advanced Elderly Service office today or email us to start the service, initializing a need assessment visit. Contact us toady

Our Mission
To ensure a better life quality for our elderly clients and their families by providing dependable and affordable senior in-home care. We are a trusted and respected service agency that focuses on the care of our clients, which we take a responsible role in supporting our elderly clients, their families, our staff, employees, general contractors and our community.

Our Vision
Is to be your community’s leading senior in-home care agency, setting a very focused standard of core values in care and customer service for our clients.

We bring you an effective in-home senior care solution
Our caregivers are available to provide your loved one round the clock coverage 24/7, as long as they can sleep for eight hours per night and receive appropriate break schedules. Live-in senior care at home can be provided for a minimum of three consecutive days, up to seven days per week securely.

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