Senior Care in Palo Alto: What Are Your Options?

Senior Care in Palo Alto: What Are Your Options?

There are a lot of options for those seeking senior care in Palo Alto -- in fact, so many that it can be overwhelming when you first see them all! The Palo Alto area is particularly suited for seniors of all need levels, and there are providers for almost every kind of situation, from medical home care to social group engineering. When choosing an option for senior care in Palo Alto, there are three main areas to take into consideration.

First and foremost, the city of Palo Alto has a lot of services and groups dedicated specifically to seniors. The city government keeps a detailed calendar of community events on its website, which is a good resource both for seniors themselves and those caring for seniors trying to plan day trips. With over 150 parks, several community theaters and zoos, and many art galleries, there are many options for seniors trying to remain active.

The second option in terms of senior care Palo Alto is that of partial care. Many services offer some form of pop in care, in which the carer comes on certain days to check in on the senior, help them out with meals or errands or simply just socialize. There are varying degrees of scheduled care, which makes it easy to find the level most suitable for you or your senior's needs.

Another type of partial care unique to the Palo Alto area is the concept of senior villages. Despite the name, they are not actual senior villages but rather community associations which seniors can join for a fee. In return for their fee, they get access to several community and health centers, check-in calls (on a daily basis if need-be) and direct-line help in emergencies, as well as help with the everyday things like shopping or cleaning. Several companies in the area offer such services, making it easy to shop around and get the best deal.

Finally, there is the option of full-time care. There are many full-time senior carers in Palo Alto, both working individually and as part of services or organizations. These carers either live with the senior or come to their home every day and provide a wide range of services, from running errands to helping with personal hygiene.

With so many options available for senior care Palo Alto, it is truly possible to get the best, most personalized care for you or your senior's needs. Whether you simply need some community resources, a little help with daily tasks, or even full-time care, there is a service for you in the Palo Alto area.

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