How is this a “death panel”?

Question by hydrovitae: How is this a "death panel"? George Miller, Chairman of the Committee explains Section 1233, a section that was voted on and approved by Republicans in 2003. Almost exactly to the LETTER. "The provision that opponents are alluding to is Section 1233. This bi-partisan provision would allow seniors, if they choose, to have an advanced care consultation with their doctor be paid for by Medicare once every five years, or more frequently if the patient has a life threatening disease. That is all. These consultations include "an explanation by the practitioner of the continuum of end-of-life services and supports available, including palliative care and hospice, and benefits for such services and supports that are available under this title." So, a Senior is told they're about to die. They're offered counselling. It's called "Palliative Care." People who hear they are terminally ill need grief counselling. The Democrats (shockingly) have reacted to the frantic, nonsensical outbursts by the wingnut "Death Panel" Yahoos and removed this section. Good work. Now, Seniors are told they have six months to live and have no one to counsel them through it. Can someone please explain to me how this happenned? I am honestly fascinated by your Country's political theatre. (a little magazine called Time Magazine) Paula: Thank you for the discussion. Yet, isn't this a "sky is falling" argument? First, the Republicans introduced this section and had none of these concerns. Now, for a sound bite, they're all over it. A living will is not necessarily a bad thing, in some situations. It's a reality. But Doctors do take the Hippocratic Oath which states "Do no Harm". I'm sorry, but I can't imagine your country's doctors racing to pull plugs in order to save a few bucks. Sounds alarmist - at best. Best answer:

Answer by popcap200
the death panels don't exist and the whole health care system would be simple with out republicans that are not libertarian

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